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At Outback Pest Control, we think your home should be your castle – safe and free from the threat of outside pests. Yet even the cleanest of homes can be suddenly overrun by pests that can bring in harmful bacteria and make your family sick.

brown_recluseIn fact, more than 25 species of pests and rodents exist in the Sacramento area and can gain access through tiny cracks and crevices in your home’s foundations and walls. Outback will help you keep those pests at bay giving you and your family peace of mind.

Our professionally trained technician will work with you to provide safe, affordable, competent care to get the bugs out- guaranteed. We locate and eliminate the pest source, take steps to prevent further pest entry and maintain a protective barrier between you and all the creepy crawlies that threaten to invade your home.

So if your home has ants in the pantry, rats on the rooftop, cockroaches in the cupboards or spiders in the shower, take back your castle.

Call or contact your Outback technician today!

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New Customer Special
Receive 50% off your first standard service which includes a free pest inspection.

One Time Service

  • Emergency situation infestations
  • Occasional pest problems
  • Includes one retreatment service within 30 days if target pest returns

Specialty Services

Ask for an estimate since these pests may require more intensive treatment methods and multiple visits.

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Bedbugs
  • Wild critters

Maintenance Service

  • Service every 60 days
  • Keeps residence or business pest free
  • Economical
  • Includes extra service at no charge for occasional returning pest


  • Dixie S.

    Some raccoons had nested between the floor joists of my two-story home. A company specializing in the removal of wild animals tried to lure them out with coyote urine but failed. One of my piano students suggested I call Outback Pest Control. After cutting a small hole into the wall, LeRoy was able to coax them out with some bait and a whole lot of patience. After patching the hole, he released them back into the wild. Thanks, Outback!!

    Dixie S., yrdy at test
  • Ellen T.

    I started getting bites all over my arms and legs. When I went to the doctor, he thought it might be bedbugs. I called a couple of the big pest control companies but they wouldn’t come out to do a treatment unless I was willing to sign an expensive contract. Then I heard about Outback and LeRoy agreed to do an inspection. He discovered bedbugs in my couch, my mattress – even along the baseboards. I live on a fixed income so Outback was willing to work out a payment plan I could afford. Thanks, Outback!!

    Ellen T., at
  • Peter and Kim B.

    We called Outback when our garage suddenly became overrun with roaches. The Outback technician treated the garage and the roach problem disappeared. Then the roaches mysteriously started appearing at another property we own. LeRoy asked us if we had recently stored any appliances or electronic equipment inside the garage and at the other place now infested. It turned out roaches had infested a used refrigerator I had purchased for my niece. I temporarily stored it in my garage before moving it to the other property. If it weren’t for LeRoy’s diligent questioning, we may have never solved the problem. Thanks, Outback!!

    Peter and Kim B., at
  • Wayne and Aida N.

    We had a reoccurring ant problem our former pest control company failed to solve. They would do a treatment and insist the problem was solved - but the ants kept coming back. We knew something was wrong and tried to share our observations with the technician but he seemed uninterested. Then a friend of ours told us about Outback. We told LeRoy that occasionally we had observed ants crawling along the living room floor and wondered if that was important. LeRoy did a thorough inspection and found a crack in the slab underneath the living room carpet. A trail of ants trickled from the crack. He said it was an odd place to find an ant nest. He treated the nest and we haven’t seen an ant since. Thanks, Outback!!

    Wayne and Aida N., at
  • Patricia I

    My house was infested with fleas. The problem was, I didn’t own any pets. Nothing I tried worked and I was covered in flea bites. I called my neighbor who used Outback pest control. After inspecting my home, LeRoy looked under the porch and discovered a dead possum . Apparently after the animal died, the fleas left its body and invaded my home. LeRoy removed the animal and gave my home a thorough treatment. Then he returned the next day to make sure the fleas were gone. Thanks Outback!!

    Patricia I, at

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