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At Outback Pest Control, we think your home should be your castle – safe and free from the threat of outside pests. Yet even the cleanest of homes can be suddenly overrun by pests that can bring in harmful bacteria and make your family sick.

Brown RecluseIn fact, more than 25 species of pests and rodents exist in the Sacramento area and can gain access through tiny cracks and crevices in your home’s foundations and walls. Outback will help you keep those pests at bay giving you and your family peace of mind.

Our professionally trained technician will work with you to provide safe, affordable, competent care to get the bugs out- guaranteed. We locate and eliminate the pest source, take steps to prevent further pest entry and maintain a protective barrier between you and all the creepy crawlies that threaten to invade your home.

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So if your home has ants in the pantry, rats on the rooftop, cockroaches in the cupboards or spiders in the shower, take back your castle.

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